I've been a metalsmith since 1986 when I started my business in Manhattan. Originally I trained as a ballet dancer, but being 5'9" by the time I was twelve, I was never selected for Nutcracker.  To make up for this I made Nutcracker characters in copper for years, but the mice and rats were always the most popular.
Over time, the mice have been joined by more creatures, domestic, woodland, and arctic, and mythological ones too, like the Griffin and Unicorn, which serve double duty as tree toppers or proudly displayed anywhere on a hook.

All the copper pieces, excepting the Welsh Dragon and Griffin Ornament are hand drawn, then hand cut with a jewellers saw, filed, and hammered into a wooden stump and an anvil into shape. The blades on my saw are so fine, it is like being able to cut with a hair. This detail is not achievable any other way. They are one of a kind.