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Homing.Carrie Fertig Chichester Cathedra


These glass feathers were made for Homing, my site specific installation for the North Transept of Chichester Cathedral in Chichester, England.
Homing is a 6x5.5x5 meter pair of glass dove wings scaled for human flight as a dove. The project started around the concept of visualising spirit. I was artist in residence in the cathedral and made many of these feathers in my temporary studio in the North Transept, on the ground below where they would eventually hang.

Each feather is made from a tube of borosilicate glass. I partially open up the tube by cutting down a molten line of glass I make slowly in many steps with my torch. The top edges are curved with a pair of bonsai shears, the entire feather is arced, and then many little cuts are made and each one is manipulated into a curve. When finished in the fire, the feathers are annealed in the kiln. Finally they are sandblasted but only on the inside. This gives them an ethereal quality.

The sculptural feathers range in size from 14" to 41.5" (36 to 105cm). The feather ornaments and necklaces are tiny versions of the big ones. Each one is one of a kind.

Many people have bought a feather to honour a loved one. Whilst few have the 60' drop needed for Homing, I sell the individual feathers from this installation so you can bring the spirit of this installation into your home.

Each feather comes with a full colour postcard of the Homing installation in Chichester Cathedral.

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