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Commission a one of a kind sculpture ornament from Carrie Fertig

I love making commissions in copper for people and organisations. If you would like a permanent heirloom marking a new pet, a pet who has crossed the rainbow bridge, or a treasure to mark a special time in your life, I would be happy to work with you to make your memories into an heairloom to be passed down the generations. You can commission ornaments, sculpture, and tree toppers in copper. Price is dependant on size and complexity. Tree toppers can rarely stand but can adorn a wall hanging from a hook. Here is a breakdown of the process of commissioning a 19x10cm (7.5x4") copper ornament:

This is how the commissioning process works:
 1. If you would like your pet made in copper as an ornament or sculpture, I'll ask you to send several photos, letting me know your favorites. We will discuss what would work design-wise and come to an agreement on how your pet will be positioned. If you'd like me to  make something other than a pet, for example a mystical beast, I'll ask you to send me photos/illustrations of what you like, or I could source some for your approval, whichever you prefer. Please take a look at some of my copper pieces to see what is possible regarding standing. Then decide if you want a hanging hole in it as well.

2. Once we reach agreement on that, the second part of the process begins. I will make a drawing. The drawing will cost £50, payable in advance and will be considered as payment toward the price of the finished copper piece. The drawing will be based on all of our discussions that preceed it. Please bear in mind the purpose of the drawing is not to make a lovely shaded drawing of the artwork-to-be. The drawing is a line drawing and will show the precise cuts my saw and drill bits will make.

3. If you approve the drawing I will then make the copper based exactly on the agreed upon drawing, but of course it will be hammered from the flat copper into a shaped animal or beast. The total price of the copper sculpture will be £175 including the cost of the drawing. A second payment of £50 will be payable after approval of the drawing and before cutting of the copper.

4. When the copper piece is ready, I will send you photographs of it and the final payment of £75 + shipping will be due. Then I will send it to you within two business days upon receipt of the final payment. If the drawing doesn't meet with your approval the price is not refundable, but I will happily send you the drawing with shipping being added on to the £50. The drawing gets destroyed in the process of making the copper piece as it is glued to the copper sheet to make sure the cut lines are exactly what you approved.

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