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Sheep and lambs figure in my work often as they are loaded with symbolism. Depending on the context, they might mean mob mentality, sacrificial lamb, innocence, or lamb of God.


Several of my glass sheep are in museum collections: the Roslin Institute, outside Edinburgh, where Dolly the sheep was cloned has two of my life size adult sheep called Dolly and Dolly. The Perth Museum and Art Gallery in Scotland has a life size adult sheep custom made for them, a blackfaced Perthshire type sheep, a breed particular to their area. North Lands Creative, a centre of glass excellence in Lybster, Caithness in the north of Scotland, where I have been artist in residence three times and have also repeatedly taught flameworking, owns the first life size glass lamb. The European Museum of Modern Glass in Rödental, Germany owns The Great and The Good, which is both a film and a kinetic object which you can see on my art website here:

All the sheep are made from borosilicate glass. The small lambs are blown from many individual glass tubes. The curly glass wool of the life size sheep are made from glass rods and the adult sheep ears are blown. The life size lamb has a head which is blown and the body is made from rod. The adult sheep take weeks to make and the smaller lambs several days to make.


Each one is one of a kind.

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