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Dramatic? Yes. Gorgeous? Yes.

Musical? Most certainly yes.


My chandeliers are made from the glass icicles in my sound installation Ausklingen (Fade AWay) that hung for six months in the Veste Coburg, the castle Prince Albert is from in Coburg, Germany.

An exceedingly dramatic focal point for your home.

listen to icicles
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The icicles in my chandeliers are made from hollow borosilicate glass tubing. The length, diameter, and the volume of air captured inside each one, affects their pitch. The longer, wider, and more air inside, the lower the pitch.


I have used them as a musical instrument in some of my performance work and you can listen to their amazing sound here:

In this recording, you are listening to them smash together. They're glass, so how is this possible without breaking?

I use only borosilicate glass which is made for science to withstand shock, stress, pressure, extremes of temperature, gas, acid, and 1st year chemistry students.

After forming them in the fire, each icicle is then annealed, that is put in a kiln, brought up to temperature, held at that temperature, and brought down to room temperature. This eliminates the stress from the glass. The icicles are then capable of being used as a musical instrument. My icicles are not unbreakable, but they are shockingly tough.


listen to icicles
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