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These hammered ornaments and necklaces are deeply meaningful gifts. In my craft show booth, they connect so deeply with people on a soul level that they have often led to tears. They are a perfect present for those you care about. A gift of one of these hammered pieces tells the recipient:
you are seen and valued.

I think they are attractive, even cute. But it is the label on each box that makes these my best selling ornaments. Here's what it says on the star box: This hand hammered star ornament is based on the Hans Christian Anderson story The Fir Tree. It’s one of my favorite ornaments to make and what I love about it is that it is battered, beaten, mis-shaped, and yet it is still shining gold, like a little human soul. May it remind you of the resilience each one of us has, and no matter what life metes out, that we still shine.

It is a sort of Zen practice to make these hearts and stars.
I love that they go out and do good in the universe.

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