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Blown Glass Animals

Toffee Pig Carrie Fertig.jpg

I love making these small blown glass animals, micro versions of some of my sculptures, just as complex, but on a smaller scale. Each one is hand blown without a mold, making every one unique. Multiple tubes are joined hot in the flame with some hot drops added that are blown out when molten.

Sandblasting on clear makes them white, but I also use colour. The sandblasting makes them seem to glow from within. The clear animals show their colour best on the edges, they are more sparkly and have a candy look. Not for eating though!

The ornaments come on a German old fashioned clip to clip on to the branches of our tree. Brand new are the blown glass bird vases and the pigs are free standing. Each one unique and blown by me in my studio in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

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