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Christmas can be a hard time for some people, especially if they have lost one of their loved ones. These glass feathers honour the person, the loss, and the ephemerality of life. They are a poetic, sensitive way to say how much you care, a deeply meaningful bereavement gift. For the Christmas tree, as a necklace, or sculpture. They are sandblasted just in the inside so there is an interesting play of light. Each one is signed by the artist. All are unique. In the second photo I'm holding a small feather that is 14" (36cm) total length. Available in several sizes, the small feathers range between 27-36cm (10.5x14") overall.


Each feather comes with a postcard of my sculpture Homing, a 6x5.5x5 meter pair of glass dove wings hung previously in Chichester Cathedral in England. Please be sure to select which postcard you would like, straight on, or from the side.


PriceFrom £80.00
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