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This Hart Ornament depicts an animal both real and mythical. The image of this hart is in the wallpaper in the Houses of Parliment in London, and is on many pub signs in Britain, oft called the White Hart Inn. A white hart, while rare in life is an animal that exists between two realms.


This Hart ornament is hand wrought copper and part of my production line. These are photo-etched on substantial copper sheet and then hand wrought. Wherever pronounced hammer marks are formed when I hammer them on my anvil and smoother shaping is made when I hammer them onto a wooden stump. They measure 9x8.5x4cm (3.5x3.25x1.5") There is a hole at the exact centre of balance from which to hang the Hart. Gift boxed with its history on the back of the box. Made by me in my studio in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Hart Ornament

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