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This Welsh Dragon ornament is hand wrought copper and part of my production line. These are photo-etched on substantial copper sheet and then hand wrought. Wherever pronounced hammer marks are formed when I hammer them on my anvil and smoother shaping is made when I hammer them onto a wooden stump. They measure 9x9.5x4cm (3.5"x3.75"x1.5") There is a hole at the exact centre of balance from which to hang the dragon. Gift boxed.


This is what it says on the label on the back of the box:


This Welsh Dragon ornament is a hand wrought copper version of the one on the Welsh Flag. The red dragon of Wales has been symbolic of the country since at least the fifth century. The flag, also called Y Ddraig Goch, has been the national flag of Wales since 1959. Made in the UK by Carrie Fertig.

Welsh Dragon Christmas Ornament

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