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This copper Wyvern ornament is based on the mythical Wyvern, or Wivern, a beast with two legs, the head of a dragon, the body of a reptile, with a snakes tail that is barbed. Sometimes they are represented with wings, sometimes without; they are often associated with cold weather and ice. This one is handwrought copper, made by me in my studio in Aberdeenshire , Scotland. The Wyvern comes with its history on the back of the box.


This  Wyvern ornament is hand wrought copper and part of my production line. These are photo-etched on substantial copper sheet and then hand wrought. Wherever pronounced hammer marks are formed when I hammer them on my anvil and smoother shaping is made when I hammer them onto a wooden stump. They measure 6.5x9x1.5cm (2.25x3.5x0.75") There is a hole at the exact centre of balance from which to hang the Wyvern. Gift boxed.

Wyvern Christmas Ornament

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