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This one of a kind Tree Vase Duo Set is a dual national! Originally one piece I blew as a demonstration for a class I was teaching in Germany, this vase set is made by blowing molten glass against felled trees. It bears the imprint and pattern from German trees. Once I brought it home, I reconfigured it into two pieces and it now contains the imprint and pattern of Scottish and German trees. With water in it, the magnification of the wood patterns adds futher dimension and glitteriness. Casts stunning shadows on your table. A centrepiece of wonder and beauty. Ships only within the UK. It is possible to commission your own set using a piece of felled trees that are significant to you. Bigger vase: 44.5 long x 37 wide x 34.5 tall cm (17.5 long x 14.5 wide x 13.5"), smaller vase: 22 long x 16 wide x 19.5 high cm (8.5 long x 6.25 wide x 7.75" tall.)  Enquire here: custom vases

Tree Vase Duo Set

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