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These Vase Ornaments are a beautiful way to add live foliage to your tree. They also work beautifully anywhere in the home that needs brightened up by live posies without taking up any counter space.  Put a feather in one, or anything else you fancy to show off your treasure. You can hang them anywhere around the house, adding a whole new way to highlight your most prized possessions and mementos. These were orginally part of a glass wedding gown made live on a bride during a performance where the audience was handed roses and thistles upon entering, and were invited to add their foliage into the skirt of the dress which was comprised of hundreds of these mini glass vase bottles. Sizes range but are approximately. 8.5x10cm (3.5"x4"). Flameworked borosilicate glass.  Gift boxed.

Vase Ornament

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