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The Griffin Christmas Tree Topper is totally handmade. I glue paper onto substantial copper sheet and then draw the Griffin freehand. Then I saw the entire Griffin out with a jewellers saw, the teeth of which are so fine, I need triple magnifiers just to see which way they go. In places I need to drill the copper so I can get the saw blade in to make the cuts. Then the shape is filed by hand to smooth the edges, and finally hammered into a wooden stump to give it form. The tree toppers have a length of tube on the back to slide over the top of your tree, where it will be quite secure. This also enables them to be placed on a hook if you wish to display it all year round. Each one is one of a kind. Made with love in Scotland. 30.5x30.5x10cm (12"x12"x4"). Gift boxed.


This is what the label on the box says:


The mythological Griffin is known as the king of beasts, with eagle head and wings, and the body, tail, and hindquarters of a lion. Reknowned for guarding gold and priceless possessions, they are powerful protectors. This one is handwrought copper, made in Scotland by Carrie Fertig.

Griffin Christmas Tree Topper

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