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The perfect gift for beekeepers, family, and ecologically-minded friends.


This Bee ornament is loaded with symbolism. Bees are highly social animals and have a teamwork-based community. The honeycomb hive provides a warm, nurturing environment for raising young, and an ideal atmosphere for the longevity of the colony. Every bee works hard for the benefit of the entire family. The hive itself is symbolic of family, union, order, and love. The honey bees make symbolizes the sweetness of life, nourishment, reward, health, and wealth. As pollinators, we depend on them for our own food. Their ceaseless work reminds us that working together adds to the happiness and security of all. Made in the USA of imitation rhodium over brass by Carrie Fertig.


7.25x7.25cm. (2.75x2.75”). Gift boxed with the story on the back of the box.


Bee Ornament

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