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Toffee Pig Sculpture Carrie Fertig.jpg

The Carrie Fertig Store

gifts of meaning, beauty, and history in glass and metal

Welcome to the Carrie Fertig Store where my art & design merge to bring you joy for home, body, and the holidays


I am a maker working in glass and metal in monumental and tiny works of art. I make them to bring joy to your heart and soul and celebrate things I am passionate about: the natural world and all the creatures within it, and well being.

My love of making started in 3rd grade when I would sell the beaded jewellery I made out of a suitcase during recess. In 1986 I started my brand in Manhattan as a metalsmith. Moving to Scotland in 2003 transformed my practice by studying glass at Edinburgh College of Art.

I am also a visual artist working in performance, video, installation, sound, sculpture, and virtual reality. Some of the items in my store are components of large-scale installations and  performances, like these one-of-a-kind glass feathers from my installation Homing in Chichester Cathedral.

Glass Feather Necklace
glass feather
Homing Giant glass wings installation art Carrie Fertig

My hammered ornaments and jewellery best straddle my art and maker roles. They are deeply meaningful gifts and a large part of that is story telling; intrinsic to our well being and an important part of many of the mini artworks you will find in my shop.

hammered gold star ornament_edited.png


I love winter best and emulating the beauty of this season is a life long obsession. Each icicle is handmade in the flame and they range from tiny earrings to over a meter long. 


The icicles make beautiful sounds and I have recycled and repurposed them for many artworks. Most recently the icicles from Ausklingen (Fade Away) my solo installation in the Veste Coburg, the castle Prince Albert is from in Coburg, Germany have become an immersive experience of a tango palace in virtual reality. 

When you buy my icicles, it is probable that their journey to you is long and storied as most have been in artworks or performances in Germany, Scotland, or England. By recycling the icicles I try to do my part in not increasing carbon footprint in the making of new artworks. 

I hope this adds value to your purchase as my glass

tries to do good in the universe.

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