Ausklingen (Fade Away) Image-the artist.

Welcome to the Carrie Fertig Store

where my art and design worlds meet to bring you fun jewellery and meaningful gifts.

I am a maker working in glass and metal. I am also a conceptual artist working in performance, video, installation, sound, and sculpture. Some of the items in my store are components of large-scale installations and some are from performances.

Much of what I do as an artist involves other people; often their deepest selves and that which is most closely held to the heart. Many of the items you will find in my shop are about deep connection between people and with the heart. In art, and in the shop, I try to make work that is emotionally and sometimes spiritually useful.

Within the shop you will find musical lighting, mythical beasts, mini memorials,  spider jewellery, heavenly feathers, winter, spring in flora and fauna, bat Christmas ornaments, and my abiding love and joy for the physical world and its inhabitants. My hands and heart are in each piece, and like my bigger artwork, the store is a place for discovery, ritual and transformation.

One of a kind copper animals & beasts